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Integrated Visual Design

“Seeing is believing” maybe a cliché to the world but is a guiding philosophy to us. At E9 Cloud, visual design is not just a business but a passion and an inspiration. Creativity and aesthetic panache is something we adore, cherish, value, encourage and to top it all, we have abundance of it!

The internet as a media provides a great avenue to establish and build a brand presence through visual design. A brand identity epitomizes your persona, your aspirations, your promises, your values and your vision. We believe that visual communication drives brand identity, brand remembrance and is an indicator of the focus of a company on brand building.

E9 Cloud provides that compelling experience which champions your brand identity in every facet of your communication. We have a unique and interesting approach for visual design. Our visual design approach has been modeled on a painter, his thought process and his work. Please view our methodology to gain insight into our creative process.

E9 Cloud’s visual design services are geared for small and medium enterprises spanning a large canvas encompassing various industry verticals and business domains. Some of the services we offer from our creativity package are:

Web Branding Services

Web branding is an extended part of your branding statement and positioning. Branding for the web involves conveying your positioning statement to your target audience in a consistent fashion using the tools of the web. The tools of the web enable you to highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your advantage, the difference and your organization’s persona.

A brand identity consistently works in the background and on a continuous basis projects and spreads your corporate image. A strong brand is akin to a real person and exhibits feelings and opinions much like a real person. A good brand is in itself capable of getting noticed, expressing your view point and garnering mind share in the customers’ psyche.

We at E9 Cloud are well aware of these underlying precepts of web branding and we work diligently to create that presence that carves your success on the web. Our creative team along with our marketing team prepares a strategy, identifies a unique theme and weaves it intricately in a consistent manner into your web presence.

E9 Cloud’s wide ranges of corporate web branding services consciously take into consideration your target audience, your service offerings, your differentiating factors coupled with the propelling philosophy of your business and offer the following specific services:

  • Corporate Logos
  • Web design services
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Corporate Collaterals

Print Media

A critical component of the web branding strategy is to extend the same to tangible realms. As part of this process, corporate brochures, collaterals, presentations, strategies need to be made available in the print media too. A critical component that needs to be considered in this crossover is to maintain consistency between the web branding strategy and the print media strategy. E9 Cloud understands this need and offers print media services as part of its rich offerings in web branding strategy.

We at E9 Cloud have rich exposure and experience in providing print media solutions. Our web branding elements are evolved taking into consideration the resolution, color combinations available in the printing realm and the innate limitations that this media brings along. Our team is abreast with the changing and evolving trends in the print industry and takes advantage of the state of the art printing technology. This know-how coupled with the commercial advantage of reduced costs in offshore printing distinguishes E9 Cloud from the rest of the breed in providing a comprehensive web and print media solution.

E9 Cloud’s comprehensive print media services go beyond web branding services and also offer unique services in the print domain itself. Our extended reach and skill in the print domain enable us to provide the following services:

  • Corporate collaterals (Stationary, business cards, envelopes etc)
  • Brochures (Corporate, products, marketing, services etc)
  • Campaigns (Press, advertising, posters etc)
  • Book design(Covers, layout, typesetting etc)
  • Custom print design services

GUI Consulting

The functionality of a given application defines its core. Evolving user expectations have imposed stringent visual interface needs and requirements. These interfaces are not just restricted to visual aspects but also require a high degree of preventability including user navigation, readability and intuitive human computer interfaces. These factors off late define the success and salability of an application commensurate with the core functionality of the application.

E9 Cloud being primarily a consulting and development firm understands the significance of both the core functionality of an application along with the interface design aspects. Our consulting and business analyst team examines an application in terms of its flow, key elements, elements used repetitively and come up with a strategy of presentation. These presentation elements are discussed with the visual design team to come up with an effective user interface strategy. This strategy encompasses the best possible ways of capturing and disseminating needed data. A part of the strategy is based on prioritization of information elements in terms of the ones needing higher visibility and other pertinent factors.

The underlying technology of the application also determines the selection and usage of tools for evolving an intuitive interface design. This collective brainstorming and analysis of the business consulting team and the visual interface team is our differentiating factor in providing user interfaces that are functionally relevant, aesthetically appealing and user friendly. We constantly endeavor to sensitize our designs for regional, ethnic and typical demographic perspectives. Finally, we make conscious efforts during the interface design process of retaining the brand identity and promise of your corporation.

Multimedia Offerings

Multimedia solutions enhance your presentation, visibility and brand impact. These solutions lend a dynamic, interactive and visually appealing experience to your customers by providing a glimpse of your thought process, offers and philosophy. These solutions have the power to precisely and quickly convey in a compelling and engaging fashion your thought and communication pattern. The inherent advantage of these solutions is that they have a high recall value, create a lasting impression and capture a higher mind share.

E9 Cloud excels in creating multimedia solutions which are consistent with your brand identity. The multimedia team at E9 Cloud specializes in converting traditional communication into dynamic tools in the vast universe of multimedia. Your entire communication is blended with visual, traditional and cutting edge tools to create a high impact long lasting communication. E9 Cloud offers Flash Design along with 2 D and 3 D graphic services.

E9 Cloud multimedia services are modeled to succinctly define a pitch / theme and evolve the presentation around it. Our multimedia team is adept with the state of the art technologies and tools. Our multimedia services comprise of flash presentations for corporate needs, product demos, concepts and ideas. We also offer stunning 3D graphic services to heighten the effect and to provide a visually stimulating treat for your customers.