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Business Services

E9 Cloud has the experience of developing a number of business solutions for disparate industries and business verticals. E9 Cloud’s team has an in depth understanding of the various business processes that are part of organizations. This experience of ours across industry domains is a source of strength, as it helps us effectively leverage our experience to add value to your existing processes and business needs. E9 Cloud’s consulting arm aims at providing a process backbone and framework for a business, concept or an idea so that quick and effective application development can be undertaken.

E9 Cloud’s entire gamut of technology services are primarily geared towards providing solutions for making businesses connect faster, better and wider. At E9 Cloud, our emphasis is on understanding the business domain and needs before contemplating on a technology solution. Our business solutions are backed by a consulting approach that generates ideas evaluates business processes and helps our clients in formalizing an idea, application, or a process.

E9 Cloud offers its business solutions in the domains of business to business, business to consumer, content management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and business efficiency optimization consulting which include enhanced workflow, process streamlining et al. E9 Cloud’s business solutions address all the facets and activities that define a given business.

Our business solutions span across and are not limited to the following domains

Internet Marketing

Internet as a medium of advertising has come to stay. E9 Cloud provides a bevy of services in the area of internet marketing, internet advertising and search engine optimization. E9 Cloud has Google certified experts to work on internet marketing.

E9 Cloud has proven experience in developing a campaign, implementing it using SEO, Article writing, endorsements by experts, internet branding and PPC marketing.

With our internet marketing campaigns we target the right geography be it Times Square , Cuffe Parade, Hyde Park or Hitech City. Modern tools and our expertise helps us choose the right media for you. We can target your advertisements at the right media , be it New York Times,BBC, Times of India, Great Andhra, Dainik Bhaskar, Washington Post, Rediff or any other online media publication. Our copywriters ensure that the right message reaches the right audience. We build your brand and spread your ideas and by using Facebook, Twitter, and online social communities to spread the message. Being experts we ensure that internet advertising costs are kept low, reach is high and focused and results are quick and tangible.

Our web analytics team ensures that all advertisements are tracked and that you know exactly how your advertisement is faring, when people are visiting and how long they are staying on your site and gives you insight into the reasons for conversions.

Our search engine optimization team can significantly change your rankings across multiple search engines so that your web site becomes a preferred destination of your customer. Our web research team analyzes your competition and gives you valuable inputs about their tactics, strategies, strengths and weakness.

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Collaborative Commerce

Collaborative commerce enables business integration amongst an enterprise's internal personnel, business partners, customers a unique business segment or a community. It provides processes and frameworks to actively solicit and promote interactive decision making and transaction enablement. Collaborative commerce makes optimal use of technology in enabling users to have feature rich interactive experience that encompass a complete business cycle.

E9 Cloud’s edge of its collaborative commerce initiatives stems from its proven technology exposure and its experience in a wide range of business domains. Commerce as a concept is about rules and processes and an inherent control mechanism for enabling, monitoring and modifying them.

This concept pervades all interacting business entities within a defined business domain. E9 Cloud’s experience and expertise in collaborative commerce include and are not limited to basic B2B, B2C, Community Hubs, supply-chain management and pure collaboration. Our solution frameworks are geared towards small and medium enterprises and enable them to leverage the strengths and benefits offered by collaborative commerce. Some of our solutions addressed business needs in the Realty, Accounting, Insurance, Photography, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, CRM and ERP domains.

E9 Cloud’s approach for providing effective and efficient collaborative commerce solutions is based on a simple three pronged approach. We first understand the evolving business needs, implications and models.

On a separate front, we understand the current and evolving technologies, existing frameworks and the related business applications supported.

The final stage marks the merger of these two discrete approaches where in a solution is proposed. This method helps us leverage state of the art technologies with the business needs.

We have a tested and proven approach that we follow for our collaborative commerce applications. This approach is elaborated in our methodology section.

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Collaborative Content Management

Content management refers to the process of capturing, storing, sorting, codifying, integrating, updating and protecting any and all information. Content management as a business need evolved through technology and web based content publishing and management. Current business needs span from basic web sites business houses that publish and disseminate content, online news papers and portals. Collaboration as a medium enhances the power of content through various channels. Collaboration helps in effective assimilation, categorization, concurrency, workflow, dissemination of content and paves way for effective usage of information.

Collaborative content management makes it possible for a specialist in Australia to interact with a patient in USA and interactively evaluate diagnostic results provided by a firm in United Kingdom. Another typical case where this is achieved on a gigantic scale is BBC world services. E9 Cloud has in-depth understanding of the frameworks of collaborative content management involving role based information collection, storage, presentation, filtering, personalization and interactive elements.

E9 Cloud’s wide range of collaborative content management solutions are geared towards small and medium enterprises and news houses. E9 Cloud’s approach for providing effective and efficient collaborative content solutions is based on understanding of the collaborative needs, content collection and storage needs and finally the presentation needs. E9 Cloud explores existing frameworks or builds new frameworks for providing the right solution to your collaborative content management needs.

The approach to collaborative content management solutions is different from conventional business needs as it is a need which emerged from technology and the solutions are strongly rooted in technology.

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Custom Business Solutions

Custom or bespoke solution is all about tailoring that unique solution which maps to your existing processes, ways of doing business and brings to life that unique idea(s) using technology as an enabler. The inherent beauty of this solution is that it is a unique solution that needs to be crafted and molded to precisely match the custom and proprietary requirements of a given organization or business.

Custom business solutions are a niche where E9 Cloud excels and revels. We express this confidence and attitude as we have the passion to learn, talent to understand and appreciate business processes & workings and possess an innate strength of working with a discrete set of businesses and industry verticals.

We are a consulting company that generates ideas, evaluates business processes and helps our clients in formalizing an idea, application, or a process. We craft a unique information technology solution that delivers value and addresses all your business needs. We present the solution in a compelling visual medium that delivers a unique and interesting user experience.

Providing a custom or bespoke solution involves a focused approach in understanding the complete business process, attention to detail, process refinements through value added consulting approach and empowering the solution through state of the art technology.

E9 Cloud offers business consulting services in the area of custom business solutions and has a separate approach towards the same.

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